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Privacy Policy

This policy describes the information that I, Kyle Hughes, may receive from Information Superhighway users and how that information is handled.

What I want, what’s most important to me, is:

  • To be able to identify and fix crashing bugs in the app.
  • To be able to monitor the uptime and reachability of the website.

I don’t want any private information and I don’t need any private information.

Much of this policy was proudly copied or closely mimicked from the NetNewsWire Privacy Policy.

Crash Logs

If you opt in to send crash logs to developers on iOS, both Apple and I will have copies of your crash logs.

Crash logs are created and stored by Apple, and I access them through Apple’s provided tools: App Store Connect and Xcode.

This data is collected only to facilitate fixing crashing bugs.

Website Logging

Visits to the website are logged via Amazon AWS S3 Static Website hosting, and AWS CloudFront access records. These are the standard logging tools provided by AWS, and they are stored privately and confidentially in an S3 bucket.

I use the logs to create AWS CloudWatch alarms so that I can be alerted if the website, or some portion of it, becomes inaccessible to users.

Ads, Cookies, Javascript, and Trackers

Neither the website, nor the app, contain any ads, cookies, Javascript, or trackers (e.g. Google Analytics).

Other Platforms and Websites


The Computer Techniques Slack group uses cookies and Javascript when accessed through the Slack apps or Slack website. That is how Slack works. Please refer to Slack’s privacy policy for more information.


The app downloads articles directly from the Wikipedia REST API. In the UserAgent header field of the API request, the app includes:

  • The app name and version number.
  • The model, operating system name, and operating system version, of the device.
  • The website’s URL.

For example:

InformationSuperhighway/2020.06.3 (iPhone; iOS 13.5.1) (+

This data is included at the behest of the Wikimedia developers so that they can monitor third-party usage of their APIs.

Wikimedia may collect other data about API usage. Please refer to Wikimedia’s privacy policy for more information.